Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection services provides you with a safety net for unexpected situations or for emergencies when the funds in your checking account are not adequate to cover the transaction. This helps you reduce the cost incurred from having a check returned to a merchant and prevents a negative impact on your credit.

Overdraft Protection should not be viewed as an encouragement to overdraw your account. Manage your account responsibly by tracking daily activity and reconciling on a regular basis. 


This service covers checks and ACH transactions. You must opt-in to this service by using the form provided at the time you open your checking account.

Overdraft Protection is available to use as long as you make deposits in your account at least once every 30 days, you do not use this service as an ongoing source of funds, and there are no legal orders placed against your account.

If your account becomes overdrawn, cover the balance as soon as possible. You will be notified by mail when your account is overdrawn and the check number, transaction amount, and overdraft fee will be identified.

Any overdraft transaction that is paid by the bank will be assessed an overdraft charge of $25.00. If the item creating the overdraft is returned, you will be assessed a return check fee of $25.00. If the item creates an overdraft of less than $10.00, a fee will not be assessed.

A limit of $400.00 is assigned on any currently offered consumer checking account that is open and active, excluding money market accounts.

**For current rates and account disclosures, call (417) 678-3333 or stop by the bank.



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